»While travelling around East Germany in 1990 – after the fall of the Wall but before reunification – Stefan Koppelkamm found himself wanting to take photographs that would capture a state of affairs he assumed would never recur. The buildings, streets, and squares he photographed often looked as though time had stood still, together conveying an idea of how Germany might have looked before the Second World War. Ten or twelve years later, Stefan Koppelkamm sought all these places out again and photographed them for a second time, from exactly the same viewpoints. Changes in the condition of the buildings and even in the most trivial minor features reflect the dramatic social and economic transformation that took place between the first and the second set of photographs.«

Stefan Koppelkamm, Ortszeit Local Time
224 pages with 100 photographs and an essay by Ludger Derenthal
Size: 230 x 320 mm, German/English
Edition Axel Menges, Stuttgart/London 2006

The book is out of print. There are still some special editions available which include the hardcover book and two silver gelatine prints:


Photos from the book